Advertise on is one of the best professional online magazines focused on Sony Playstation 2. We provide daily content, from news to reviews, from downloads to interviews, and through our forums and services we have a direct contact with our audience. Founded in 2000, has built in the latest four years a strong, loyal audience - with the help of our staff, your company can find in a perfect partner to advertise products and services.

Our target audience
According to a survey captured in July 2003 (1032 respondents), our average reader lives in North America, is a male, aged 14-34, student, used to different forms of electronic entertainment - first of all videogames (91%), DVDs (74%), and music CDs (77%) - and he owns at least a Sony Game System.

Age of our users
55-64 1%
45-54 1%
35-44 4%
25-34 19%
18-24 38%
Under 18 35%
Prefer not to answer 2%

Sex of our users
Male 86%
Female 10%
Prefer not to answer 4%

Visiting countries
U.S. 79.59%
U.K. 5%
Canada 4.21%
Australia 2.44%
Sweden 1.01%
Netherlands 0.83%
Others (Europe, South America, Asia, Africa) 5.32%

Ad types & rates
We can offer any sort of ad type to our advertisers, always in full respect of our readers' experience, at excellent, flexible ad rates. We create customized campaigns to perfectly fit your company's needs.

Banners and buttons
728 x 90 (Leaderboard)
468 x 60 (Classic full banner)
120x240 (Vertical Banner)
88x31 (Micro Bar)

160x600 (Wide Skyscraper)
120x600 (Skyscraper)

Rectangles and buttons
300 x 250 (Medium Rectangle)
180 x 150 (Rectangle)

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