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Ps2Fantasy.com, or Playstation 2 Fantasy, is an independent website focused on the world of Sony's 128-bit console, the Playstation 2. Founded towards the end of` 2000, the site is online since May 2001.

Throughout these three years, the main goal of Ps2Fantasy.com has always been to provide high-quality, professional content about videogames to players worldwide. And through our community we have created a deeper connection between our journalists and our readers. In March 2004, the third version of Ps2Fantasy.com was launched, as part of a bigger project that will lead to the creation of new services and websites.

But Ps2Fantasy.com is something more than a professional gaming magazine. The staff behind Ps2Fantasy.com wants to portray a series of ideas, of thoughts about a relatively young industry that, sometimes, has proven to be able to reach the state of Art. In the balance between art and market, it's obvious and undeniable that, in the history of videogames, the market has always and will always have a more relevant weight - but this shouldn't make us forget that behind some rare games there is a vision, a brilliant cohesion of creative minds all aimed at creating something that goes beyond the well-packaged product.

We strongly believe that we are living something similar to what happened more than a century ago with the advent of cinema. It changed the way we think, it introduced in our minds a new language that we learn, together with our first words, since our first years of life. In the next years, videogames will become more and more important. They'll merge with other arts ( and that's already happening ), and they'll involve all our senses. There are many dangers in this sort of "total" art that's arousing like a phoenix from the ashes of a burning century, and it's important to reflect upon it. But it's undeniable that videogames can give us new experiences, new sensations and create a different sense of beauty.

The world "fantasy" in our name is a sort of exhortation to the players: in a period of standardization and commercialization, where everything can be sold if packaged properly, it's necessary to keep part of our minds free to dream and roam in our own fantasies. Paradoxically, nowadays, it's thanks to our fantasies that we can keep a true contact with reality.

Thanks to the thousands of players that love our site. For them it has been realized, and only thanks to them it will survive in the fast world of Internet.

This site is dedicated to S|D. In the darkness, may our will be strong and our dreams sincere.

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