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Computer Games
Last update: 2004-11-16

An amazing series of in-depth features about computer games, from the history of PC Gaming to reviews of the latest most exciting PC games.
Single articles
:: Computer Games /1: An Introduction
:: Alienware Lightspeed PC
The Characters Of Final Fantasy X
Last update: 2004-10-04

A look at all the characters of Final Fantasy X, from the beautiful Yuna to the mysterious Auron.
Single articles
:: Tidus
:: Lulu
:: Kimahri
:: Auron
:: Seymour
:: Rikku
:: Wakka and Blitzball
:: Yuna
Japanese Gaming Culture
Last update: 2004-09-07

An interesting, fun voyage through the Japanese gaming culture, with a special look at those games that Western players will never see in the stores.
Single articles
:: Japanese Videogames: Part 1
:: Japanese Videogames: Part 2
Online Gaming
Last update: 2004-05-01

A series of articles about Playstation 2 online gaming - a special look at peripherals you need to play online and their features.
Single articles
:: Online? #1
:: The HDD
Music Within Games
Last update: 2004-04-02

One of our most loved features. Faile outlines the delicate balance between music and games, from Space Invaders to Final Fantasy X. A fascinating voyage, supported by many music files.
Single articles
:: Music Within Games: Part 1
:: Music Within Games: Part 2
The Final Fantasy Series
Last update: 2004-04-02

A collection of articles focused on the history of the series that has become synonymous of console RPG.
Single articles
:: Final Fantasy Numerology
Tomb Raider: The Angel Of Darkness Developers' Diaries
Last update: 2003-06-22

The official developers' diaries from Eidos. The difficulties encountered during the design process, the secrets of the development of Miss Croft's new adventure.
Single articles
:: Developers' Diary #1
:: Developers' Diary #2
:: Developers' Diary #3
:: Developers' Diary #4
The Legacy Of Kain Series: Appearence, Existence
Last update: 2001-11-04

A series of three detailed articles that introduce to the complex world of the Legacy Of Kain series. Who is Raziel? What happened to the land of Nosgoth thousands years ago?
Single articles
:: Chapter 1: The Story of Nosgoth
:: Chapter 2: Appearence, existence.
:: Chapter 3: Demons and Warriors
Zone Of The Enders: Story and Mechs
Last update: 2001-10-25

A closer look at the story, the characters, and the mechs featured in Konami's Zone Of The Enders.
Single articles
:: Story, Characters and Mechs
Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec
Last update: 2001-10-21

A complete list of all the cars, the tracks, and the map of each track featured in the third installment of Gran Turismo 3.
Single articles
:: List and maps of the tracks
:: Complete Car List

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