20GB PlayStation 3 will be upgradeable
Sony to release Wi-Fi and memory card adapter for 20GB version of the PlayStation 3.

- As we announced a few days ago, differences between the 20GB version and 60GB version of the PlayStation 3, both available at launch, are not limited to the size of the HDD.

In fact, the 20GB version won't come with the built-in Wi-Fi card (for network connectivity), the HDMI port, and the multi memory card reader included in the 60GB version.

A few days ago, according to many interviews with Sony Computer Entertainment representatives, it seemed like only the HDD of the 20GB version was upgradeable. But yesterday, speaking with website GamesIndustry.biz, Sony unveiled they plan to release a Wi-Fi and memory card adapter for the 20GB version; unfortunately, there are no plans to release also some sort of HDMI adapter.

Both version of the consoles, as previously announced, will support the new Wi-Fi controllers of the PlayStation 3.

(Posted: Wednesday, May 17, 2006, 1:10PM GMT)

- Harry

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