Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas leaked
Pirate copies of the hottest release of the year surface.

- Rockstar Games announced that various internet sites have posted copies of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas one week before the game's release. The news is not surprising, considering what happened with Half-Life 2, DOOM 3, and Halo 2, but it's equally shocking, considering that Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is the hottest console release of the year, together with Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater.

"Rockstar Games and Take-Two Interactive Software are aware that an illegally obtained version of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and images from the game and manual have been posted to various internet sites. The proper authorities are investigating the theft and are continuing to investigate all possible leads to ensure there is no further dissemination of our creative content. Downloading, possession and distribution of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, including making the game available on the internet, is theft.

We take the theft of our intellectual property very seriously and we are and will continue to diligently and aggressively pursue this matter. If anyone finds information on websites with links to unauthorized downloads, information, scans or videos, please contact us at [email protected]

The launch date of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas remains the same. The game will be on store shelves in North America on Oct. 26 and in Europe on Oct. 29."

(Posted: Thursday, October 21, 2004, 10:31AM GMT)

- Harry

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