Eidos announces new Commandos game
The Commandos franchise back with a World War II first person shooter.

- Eidos today announced the return of the Commandos franchise with the game Commandos Strike Force, a first person shooter set in the World War 2. Developed by Pyro Studios, Commandos Strike Force will be released worldwide in spring 2005 on PlayStation 2, Xbox and PC.

Commandos Stike Force lets players control a team of three members of the "Strike Force" unit, each with his own unique abilities. The Green Beret is the one expert in combat and in the use of heavy weaponry; the Sniper is a skilled, cold marksman; the Spy is the stealth agent of the group. The game should grant players enough freedom to create different strategies using the abilities of the three soldiers.

Commandos Strike Force is set in Europe, during the World War 2. You must guide your elite group behind enemy lines through a series of linked missions taking place in France, Russia, and Norway. Missions will range from destroying a Nazi ship to ambushing enemy troops, from freeing French Resistance prisoners to kidnapping a general. The game will feature a single player campaign and many online multiplayer modes.

Ignacio Perez, CEO of Pyro Studios says: "By combining the tactical approach of the previous Commandos games with the intense action of a fps, Commandos Strike Force will provide a more cerebral approach to the war game genre. Strike Force is our most ambitious project ever and we believe that this game will set a new benchmark for World War II videogames. "

Mike McGarvey, CEO of Eidos says: "The Commandos series has established itself as one of the most popular and enduring franchises within the World War II genre. With this evolution of the series coupled with Pyro Studios' proven expertise, we are confident that Commandos Strike Force will be the greatest episode in the series to date."

Take a look at first few but beautiful screenshots of the game in our gallery.

(Posted: Friday, October 15, 2004, 8:00AM GMT)

- Harry

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