Robotech: Invasion background story
Gathering's guide through the story of the Robotech series.

- In this detailed press release, Gathering, the publisher of the upcoming Robotech: Invasion, offers us a chance to go through the storyline of the famous anime series that inspired the game.

In 1985, an anime series was launched which captured the imaginations of millions worldwide. That series was Robotech, a vast sci-fi epic spanning three generations of characters; each forced to defend the Earth from invasion by powerful alien cultures. Beginning at the turn of the millennium, when a mysterious spacecraft crash lands on Earth, its saga is told through the eyes of people drawn into the raging wars that ensue after the aliens arrive to reclaim their lost vessel. Using the secrets of the extra-terrestrial technology, the Earth's Governments develop an arsenal of 'Mecha' to defend themselves against three separate, but equally savage, invasions.

The original 85-episode Robotech saga was produced by Harmony Gold for US broadcasting, and has aired in over 140 countries. It still broadcasts in many today.

Macross (Super Dimension Fortress Macross), Southern Cross (Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross) and Mospeada (Genesis Climber Mospeada) were originally three separate Japanese Anime television series, which were combined to make Robotech. Licensed from Tatsunoko Studios for international distribution by Harmony Gold USA, they comprise the three chapters of the Robotech series and are sometimes referred to as The Macross Saga, The Robotech Masters and The New Generation - this final phase is the period in which the event of Robotech Invasion take place.

An 85-minute feature length film called Robotech II: The Sentinels was also produced by Harmony Gold.

The series has spawned a vast franchise of merchandising; including toys, novels, videogames, a role-playing game, T-shirts, comic books and dozens of other products. There are also annual fan conventions dedicated entirely to the Robotech universe.

To date, there have been over two million unique visitors to, the official website of the Robotech sensation.

DC Comics' new tie-in series, Robotech: Invasion recently arrived in comic book stores, featuring art by Takeshi Miyazawa (famed for his work on Spider-Man Unlimited) and Omar Dogan (artist on The Fantastic Four), plus cover art by original Robotech character designer Yoshitaka Amano.

The Robotech Timeline:

The Macross Saga Era

1999: An unmanned alien battle fortress crash-lands on the small pacific island of Macross. The warring Governments of Earth call an end to a global conflict that has been raging for years and join together to investigate the alien technology. They salvage the vessel for themselves, renaming the ship SDF-1 - which stands for Super Dimension Fortress 1. Project Valkyrie is also introduced, signalling the creation of large-scale Mecha-fighters which prove to be the Earth's first line of defence in the coming war...

2009: The Zentraedi arrive on Earth, intending to re-capture the SDF-1. The surprise attack forces the SDF-1 crew to use its experimental 'fold engines' to warp into space. The island of Macross is accidentally transported with the ship, which results in the crew taking thousands of refugees onboard. A war lasting five years ensues and ends with the battle of New Macross City, a conflict which sees the destruction of SDF-1 alongside the newly constructed SDF-2. It was at this point that the events of Vicious Cycle's previous title - Robotech Battlecry - took place.

The Robotech Masters Era

2015: The Robotech Expeditionary Force is constructed with the aim of launching a large-scale mission to find the homeworld of the Robotech Masters - the civilisation responsible for the crashed alien craft. SDF-3 is launched as the flagship of the fleet. In response, the Robotech Masters send their own fleet into Earth's solar system and a war of attrition begins. Each side takes heavy losses.

2030: With the forces of the Robotech Masters finally beginning to succumb to the Army Of The Southern Cross (made up of elite Earth forces), a final, decisive battle looms. The Masters' Protoculture pods (their mysterious energy source) are failing due to infection with the spores of their archenemy, the Invid, and their clone army is becoming increasingly unreliable. Their spy Zor Prime turns renegade and vows to destroy the Masters, joining the Southern Cross force. However, the defeat of the Robotech Masters and destruction of the Protoculture factory results in the Invid spores being scattered throughout the galaxy. With the peace that arrives at the end of the second war, comes the looming threat of the Invid...

The New Generation Era

2031: The Invid invasion begins and the depleted Army Of The Southern Cross is totally destroyed. Earth falls to the alien onslaught. Several ships escape, and rendezvous with the Expeditionary Force in deep space. Meanwhile, on Earth, the Invid begin harvesting Protoculture and use collaborators to suppress any human resistance.

2038: The REF launches its first attack on the Invid, which ultimately fails. Lieutenant Lance Belmont falls to Earth and is rescued from Invid collaborators. Lance joins the American resistance and disguises himself as a female singer, named 'Yellow Dancer'.

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