Silent Hill 4 ships to retailers
New installment of Konami's survival horror series soon available in all stores.

- Konami today announced that Silent Hill 4, the new installment of the wonderful survival horror series, has now shipped to retailers in North America. The game should be soon available in all stores.

In Silent Hill 4, players assume the role of Henry Townsend, apparently an ordinary man forced to confront an inexplicable situation. Henry has been locked inside his own apartment; the only way out, apparently, is a mysterious hole appeared in the wall of the bathroom.

Henry's room becomes a sort of hub where different holes and doors lead to different frightening places; the game is played in third and first person view, according to the area you are exploring. Among the new features, a power gauge that the player can fill by holding a button to unleash more destructive blows, but also the possibility to cooperate with NPCs when fighting the disturbing monsters that populate the game.

Stay tuned on for more info on Silent Hill 4. As our readers know, we have always had a special interest in Silent Hill games: Silent Hill 2 was the only game, together with Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons Of Liberty, to get a perfect score on Expect the most detailed, in-depth review in the next weeks.

(Posted: Tuesday, September 7, 2004, 9:38AM GMT)

- Harry

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