Spy Fiction ships in North America
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Sammy announces the game has shipped to retailers.

- Sammy Studios today announced that Spy Fiction has shipped and is available in retail stores across North America. A PlayStation 2 exclusive, Spy Fiction is a stealth-action game developed by Access Games, a development team founded in 2002 by a group of industry veterans. The game will be included as a playable demo in the October issue of the Official U.S. PlayStation Magazine.

The game follows Billy Bishop and Sheila Crawford, underground espionage agents on a mission to neutralize a terrorist organization harboring a doomsday device. In Spy Fiction, players are able to take on the identities of nearly every non-playable character they encounter in the game; the false identity theme plays an important role in the game's storyline, which features multiple endings.

The North American version features many improvements over the original Japanese game. Sammy introduced all-new gadgets, like an improved "sticky camera" version of the game's identity capturing device, and it has worked to enhance the A.I. of the enemies and the level design. Graphics should also look better than the original game; a new lighting engine has been developed to create dynamically lit environments.

"We are pleased to premiere 'Spy Fiction,' an exciting title for fans of action and stealth games and those obsessed with works of fiction from the spy genre," said Tim Pivnicny, Senior VP of Sales & Marketing, Sammy Studios, Inc. "With its skillful use of disguise, thrilling story, and unending arsenal of gadgets, this game will immerse players in an espionage experience punctuated by heart-pounding action and a twisting plot."

You can find many screenshots of the game in our Spy Fiction game homepage.

(Posted: Wednesday, September 1, 2004, 1:57PM GMT)

- Harry

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