Sammy Studios' Spy Fiction goes gold
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New stealth action game coming to PlayStation 2 next week.

- Sammy Studios today announced that Spy Fiction has gone gold. The game, coming exclusively for the Playstation 2 computer entertainment system, is a fast-paced stealth-action video game that should introduces new features and gameplay mechanics to the genre. Players will be able to steal and assume the appearance, voice and other identifying traits of characters they encounter in the game.

Developed by Access games, a company established in 2002 by industry veterans, Spy Fiction narrates the story of Billy Bishop and Sheila Crawford, underground espionage agents on a mission to neutralize a terrorist organization harboring a doomsday device. The game introduces new spy gadgets and action based mini-games that should give the players a longer replay value. The characters have been designed by illustrator Renji Murata ("The Last Exile" I & II, "Blue Submarine No. 6").

"Spy Fiction offers a truly original experience that will inject fresh ideas and a great amount of action into the spy game genre," said Tim Pivnicny, Senior VP of Sales & Marketing, Sammy Studios, Inc. "With development of the North American version now completed, gamers should prepare to play a thrilling new take on action-stealth games."

Spy Fiction is slated to arrive on store shelves beginning September 1, 2004 at a suggested price of $39.99.

We have a rich selection of screenshots in our Spy Fiction gallery.

(Posted: Thursday, August 26, 2004, 9:15AM GMT)

- Harry

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