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More info coming from Rockstar Games about shopping and getting the haircut of your dreams in San Andreas.

- After months of silence, Rockstar has started in this month to release new concrete info about the gameplay Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. We are preparing a preview of the game to be published this week on, but in the meanwhile, you can enjoy Rockstar's official and detailed press release about shopping in the cities of San Andreas.

Also, don't forget to take a look at the new screenshots showing the shops of San Andreas in our Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas gallery.

Shopping in San Andreas
Like it or not, people are judged by the way they look. In San Andreas how you dress and look after yourself says a lot about you. As a result, your clothes and your haircut are important factors that affect the respect that those around you show towards you.

There are several barbershops located throughout San Andreas. In Los Santos, Reece's barbershop is a staple, and very much part of the neighborhood. Inside the barbershop CJ sits in the chair and checks his reflection, he can select from a number of different looks for both his hairstyle and his facial hair. If he has enough money, CJ can get the cut of his choice.

The sharper CJ looks, the more he is respected. The women of San Andreas will take notice of it, as will the gangs - rivals will be a bit more wary, and CJ will command a bit more authority within his own gang, the Orange Grove Families.

Some of the many different looks for CJ include bald, afro, jheri curl.

Of equal importance to CJs look and the respect it generates are the clothes he wears. CJ begins the game with a very basic, no-frills pair of pants and t-shirt. As he progresses in the game, his fellow gang members will gain respect for him when CJ successfully completes missions, and will suggest that he start dressing in gang colors. At first, this means sporting traditional Orange Grove Families colors. Wearing colors has consequences. Other members of the Grove Street Families will respect you more, however, rival gangs and police will be able to tell your allegiances easier. If you happen to find yourself in Ballas territory or stumble into the middle of a gunfight, the impact of your clothing choices can be significant. Gang colors are not the only choices available to CJ. There are a number of stores in San Andreas that allow CJ to select a full line of clothing choices. New clothes affect the level of respect people have for you. Some missions will even require CJ to be wearing a certain outfit. These are some of the places to shop in San Andreas.

Binco is a discount store found a few blocks away from CJ's cul-de-sac deep in Orange Grove Families territory. It's a discount store, so the clothing selection is utilitarian and cheap.

Binco features a small selection of low cost clothing. Most people in the Grove will be wearing clothes of the type sold here. The clothing choices are affordable to those in CJ's neighborhood - and since the Orange Grove Families aren't what they were, expect to find a selection of plaid shirts, khakis, and sneakers on a budget. This is a good place for CJ to go after he returns to the grove and needs to wear the colors - but the clothes aren't free and he will need to have enough money to get what he needs. Locals will respect CJ more after he's switched back to more familiar threads.

Located near the Towers in Ganton, SubUrban specializes in a full line of clothing brands, such as Mercury and Base 5.

The selection here is different from Binco's. SubUrban favors name-brand apparel popular amongst those in Los Santos with a bit more disposable income, and since the store is located in Ballas territory, it is very popular amongst the gang set. The colors and clothing choice reflect the neighborhood, and are priced to reflect the prices one of the more successful gangs in town can afford. Your respect will go up higher than if you were shopping at Binco. At first, CJ might be able to afford one or two items here. As he completes missions, his budget will increase and he will be able to purchase more items. You needn't be a gang member or a Rock Star to shop at SubUrban, but you'll find clothing selection that both would be comfortable wearing.

For a full selection of the ProLaps brand apparel and footwear, head to the flagship store located west of Downtown Los Santos.

ProLaps is the leading choice of athletic gear in San Andreas. The clothes are decidedly more athletic and are the perfect choice to show of CJ's musculature or just to switch his look up with shorts, sneakers, hats and other items. Also, CJ can find some very specific items - motorcycle helmet, boxing headgear, even a hockey mask. Concerned about looking too much like a gang member? The clothing choices here are more mainstream, and though the TRAIN HARD tagline might implore you to work out, the clothes themselves are popular amongst the other inhabitants of San Andreas. The prices are a bit higher here, and CJ will have to earn a good deal of money to afford the pieces offered here.

As CJ attains the material trappings of success - clothes, the right hair, sneakers etc - he will gain respect. Women will notice CJ and be more responsive to him, while the men will be wary and in some cases even fear him.

CJ will get to keep all the clothes you buy for him, if you change your mind as to what you want to wear, you don't have to go back and repurchase an outfit after you've changed into something new: just walk into your safe house, go to the closet, and every single piece of clothing you've earned/purchased so far will be there. This provides for a huge amount of customization, and adds an amazing collecting dynamic for the truly hardcore player. Want to mix and match? Once your wardrobe is stocked, you can change into any combination of shirt, pants, hat, shoes, and accessories as easily as you can save or load a game.


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(Posted: Tuesday, August 17, 2004, 4:21PM GMT)

- Harry

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