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A nice look at the mechanics of Free Radical Design's stealth action game.

- Codemasters today announced the company has published a brand new video offering a special look at the game mechanics of Free Radical Design's Second Sight. The video, available in the Downloads section of the game's official website, shows how the hero of the game, John Vattic, can use his psychic powers to perform special moves.

Many of the moves and powers that John can use are not too different from what you might be used to see in many fantasy or sci-fi action games. John can use telekinesis to make enemies levitate and then send them against other enemies; he can use his Psi Pulse ability to send a ball of energy against the enemies, or he can use his Psi Blast ability for a devastating area effect.

Anyhow, the most intriguing powers are those related to stealth and puzzle solving, both important elements in Second Sight. Projection allows John to project an ethereal version of himself that makes him invisible to enemies; the powers can be also combined - for example, by using Projection, John can walk up to a guard and then use the Possession power to gain control of the guard's body. John can also use the Charm power to distract his enemies, in perfect Jedi style.

Second Sight will be released this September for PlayStation 2, Xbox and Nintendo GameCube.

(Posted: Thursday, July 15, 2004, 4:43PM GMT)

- Harry

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