E3 2004: Driv3r features
Atari ready to launch the new installment of the popular series that inspired the creators of GTA 3.

- The franchise that sold more than 12 million copies worldwide and that inspired the creators of Grand Theft Auto 3 will be back, this June, in the form of an action driving adventure gifted with a cinematographic style similar to what we have seen in Team Soho's The Getaway. The game, developed by Atari Reflection Interactive Studio, the team behind the two previous installments of the series, is scheduled for June 2004 release for Playstation 2 and Xbox.

Tanner, the rough cop, is back with his longtime partner, Tobias. This time, he must infiltrate a global car theft ring and bring the criminals to justice using legal and not so legal means. Atari promises a strong storyline with a Hollywood-level production. A cast of actors, including Michael Madsen (Tanner), Mickey Rourke, Michelle Rodriguez, and Ving Rhames helped the developers throughout the development process.

Driv3r, or Driver 3, will feature three vast, realistic cities, including Miami, Nice, and Istanbul, with more than 30,000 buildings that the developers hand-placed and decorated to convey a strong sensation of realism. Overall, Driv3r will include more than 150 miles of major highways and streets, plus countless uncharted open areas to explore.

The game will be mission based, with multiple solutions to missions, and it will include 50 controllable vehicles, including cars, vans, but also motorcycles, boats, and fully articulated 18-wheelers. Car models are entirely destructible, and a new driving and physics engine aims at offering a true-to-life experience to all kinds of gamers, also thanks to the possibility to adjust the game's difficulty setting. Many of the missions are played also indoors and allow players to switch characters.

(Posted: Thursday, May 13, 2004, 11:19AM GMT)

- Harry

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