E3 2004: Devil May Cry 3 announced
Dante to meet his evil twin in the prequel for Playstation 2.

- Capcom today officially announced Devil May Cry 3 (working title), the new adventure of the stylish white-haired demon slayer. Capcom promises a complex storyline and a new deeper gameplay for Devil May Cry. The game is scheduled for a Winter 2004 release in North America.

Surprisingly, Devil May Cry 3 is actually a prequel to the previous two installments. Players will take the role of a younger Dante, still unaware of his true powers and origin. The game will focus on Dante's fight against his evil twin, Virgil. Unlike Dante, that refused to accept his demonic heritage, Virgil chose to follow the path of the darkness, becoming a powerful demonic creature. We must just hope that this classic but decent premise will not be ruined by dialogues as bad as those of Devil May Cry 2.

In part, Devil May Cry 3 goes back to the (good) roots of the series, with environments more similar in style and structure to those in the first game, and enemies definitely more menacing than those of the second installment.

In part, Devil May Cry 3 will bring many innovative elements to the series. The developers created a system - called "Style System" or "My Dante" - to let players choose among many different fighting styles for Dante. Players can then customize their character distributing in the way they prefer experience points. The selectable fighting styles so far unveiled by Capcom are Gunslinger, Trickster, Royal Guard, and Swordmaster (of course). Swordmaster gives Dante better moves with melee weapons, Gunslinger gives him powerful shooting abilities, Trickster lets Dante perform more special acrobatic moves, and Royal Guard was described by developers as a defensive class. It seems that the final game will feature more classes, even if it's unclear if they will be available by default or only after the player has unlocked them in some way (for example completing the game).

We'll have more on Dante and Virgil soon.

(Posted: Wednesday, May 12, 2004, 6:05PM GMT)

- Harry

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