Activision unveils Shrek 2
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A complete list of features for the game based on Shrek's second movie.

- Activision today revealed details about their new game based on the second movie featuring the good green orc that will hit movie theatres this Summer. The game, scheduled for a June 2004 release date, gives players a chance to revisit locations from the movie and all-new original locations and characters created for the game.

Shrek 2 combines traditional action adventure elements with squad-based action. In fact, players can control a team of four characters and play as the main hero or as one of his 10 friends, each with unique abilities. The game offers offers the possibility to switch characters; players must choose the right character for each situation.

Game Features:
  • Play as Shrek and 10 of his friends-Players can even take the role of new characters not seen in the "Shrek 2" movie.

  • Visit locations from the movie and beyond-Includes all-new action like "Walking the Path" and the "Dwarven Mines."

  • Switch between four characters - Players can use each character's unique skills to help them accomplish a mission such as Shrek's ogre strength to lift heavy objects, Donkey's burro kick to open doors and locked gates, or Princess Fiona's ability to slow time to beat up the bad guys more effectively.

  • Embark on a multiplayer adventure - Four-player mode allows up to three people to join in without stopping gameplay.

  • Experience "Hero Time" - Special mini quests highlight certain characters alone, giving them their own time to shine.

  • Laugh while you play - Fans can enjoy hilarious dialogue and funny gags through 12 hours of adventurous gameplay.

We hope to have more info on Shrek 2 soon.

(Posted: Thursday, April 29, 2004, 12:31PM GMT)

- Harry

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