Headfirst announces development of Deadlands franchise
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The award-winning Role Playing Game coming to all major consoles.

- Headfirst Productions today announced that the company has started working on the first title in a series of games based on the world of Deadlands, the Role Playing Game from Pinnacle Entertainment Group. Headfirst have secured exclusive, world wide rights to create video games based around the award winning RPG created in 1994 - Deadlands, the first game developed under this agreement, will be released in Summer 2005.

Deadlands is the 8 times Origin award winning RPG created in 1994 by the Pinnacle Entertainment Group. The world of Deadlands, known as "Weird West" follows a history similar to our own up until 1863. That's when the "Reckoning" occurs - a bizarre event that allows monsters, spirits, and more to once again inhabit the world of mortals. Deadlands is available in its classic form as well as for the popular D20 system.

"With the acquisition of Deadlands in addition to our Call of Cthulhu IP, Headfirst have taken another major step towards our long term objectives. " said Mike Woodroffe, Managing Director, Headfirst Productions "The world of Deadlands represents ideal content to show off our new technology."

At E3 2004, Headfirst will be looking for a publisher willing to create a long-term partnership to maximize the potential of the Headfirst's game technology and intellectual property.

(Posted: Monday, April 26, 2004, 10:05AM GMT)

- Harry

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