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The new Sims coming to all console platforms.

- Electronic Arts today announced that The URBZ is in development for the PlayStation 2, the Xbox, the Nintendo GameCube, and the Nintendo Game Boy Advance. For the first time, the Sims, now called the Urbz, will be living in a city where reputation is the most important factor.

"We’re taking The Sims on console franchise in a dramatic new direction. Now that Sims are in the city they are now known as Urbz, they have a bold new look and style," said Sinjin Bain, Vice President and Executive Producer of the game at EA’s Maxis studio. "For the first time, players will control Urbz at every moment of gameplay, while they are on the job, earning their street rep, or exploring a city that is alive 24/7."

Players will take their Urbz to work and be challenged by bosses at locations like the Sushi Bar, Chop Shop, or Bootleg Fireworks, Inc. Success brings the player well-earned promotions and gets them access to power socials to help them influence other Urbz. The fast-paced lifestyles in The URBZ is evident in gameplay including job challenges based on a direct-control mechanic for job objects, skill-building objects, and power social interactions.

The URBZ is built on an all-new graphics engine that recreates the essence of living in a vibrant city with distinct districts inhabited by Urbz with unique lifestyles. The game’s style captures the pulse of the action-packed downtown, ritzy shopping districts, Bohemian artist workshops, and a gritty subway station. Players create their Urbz using a new character customization engine to show off attitude and unique style, as well as signature "bling" such as tattoos and nose rings.

Players build relationships to increase their rep, influence other Urbz, and gain access to city districts, jobs, and lifestyles. Gaining access to all districts in the city, being able to live in any district, live any lifestyle, and become the biggest player in the city is the ultimate goal.

The game will support the EyeToy, to let players download their image into the game and as their reputation grows their image or their Urbz image will begin to be refelected in the game.

The URBZ is currently scheduled for a fall 2004 release, and will be unveiled at the E3 this May.

(Posted: Wednesday, April 21, 2004, 11:25AM GMT)

- Harry

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