SCEA ships Siren for the PS2
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SCEA's new survival horror finally available in North America.

- SCEA announced today that Siren, the new survival horror game developed by SCEJ, in conjunction with SCEA's Santa Monica Studios, is finally available across all stores in North America.

The game takes inspiration by Japanese folklore and horror movies from around the world and promises an intense adventure in which fear is instilled into the player through a deep storyline, instead than on easy shocks traditionally found in horror games and movies.

The game is set in the fictional Japanese village of Hanuda, where inhabitants are mutating into zombie-like creatures, the "shibito", or "living dead". Players take the role of 10 different playable characters who must survive in Hanuda, thus discovering its secrets. One of the game's core mechanics is the "sightjack" ability, which lets players see through the eyes of the shibito in the surroundings stealing their viewpoint. This makes possible to foresee danger and predict the enemies' actions, but it also creates a different sense of fear in the player from what can be commonly experienced in Survival Horror games, where the viewpoint usually coincides with the one of the main character. In Siren, the storyline, instead than developing in a linear way, is fragmentary, told as the player switch from one playable character to the other - each character is in the village for a different reason, and understanding their past players can discover the secrets behind the village of Hanuda.

"Siren represents the changing face of horror thriller entertainment and pushes the PlayStation 2 technology to new heights," said Ami Blaire, director, product marketing, Sony Computer Entertainment America. "By placing the player in a riveting setting and chilling experience, Siren is a unique adventure that transcends traditional boundaries between the player and terror by presenting a unique twist on reality that will keep gamers on their feet as they unravel the mystery occurrence in the game and leaving them wanting more."

A review of Siren will be published soon on

(Posted: Tuesday, April 20, 2004, 5:21PM GMT)

- Harry

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