Hitman: Contracts hits the store shelves
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Agent 47 now in all stores - look for a weird looking bald guy, you can't miss him.

- Eidos Interactive today announced that Hitman: Contracts, the third installment of the series created and developed by IO Interactive, has shipped to stores across North America for the Playstation 2, the Xbox, and Windows PC.

"Hitman: Contracts serves as Eidos' largest North American video game launch since 1998." said Rob Dyer, president of Eidos US. "We are very pleased with the excellent work IO interactive have done to further establish Hitman as one of the premier video game brands."

The third installment of the series, according to Eidos, will feature a gentler learning curve, a new graphics engine able to showcase Hitman's work "in brutal detail" and render vast, detailed environments.

Expect a review of Hitman: Contracts soon on Ps2Fantasy.com.

(Posted: Tuesday, April 20, 2004, 4:08PM GMT)

- Harry

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