Capcom officially announces Resident Evil Outbreak 2
We gave the unofficial news two days ago, and now we have the official confirmation.

- Following the rumors started by the last issue of Japan's Famitsu Magazine, Capcom today confirmed that a sequel to Resident Evil Outbreak is in the making, and it is scheduled for a Winter 2004 release in North America. Tentatively titled Resident Evil Outbreak File #2, the game is currently under development for Playstation 2, and it will feature both single player offline mode and a multiplayer mode for up to four player via network. The game will also take advantage of the PS2 HDD (Hard Disk Drive).

Resident Evil Outbreak File #2 will continue the tale of the first installment, which saw eight average citizens of Raccoon City trying to leave the infested city. According to Capcom, Outbreak File #2 will be a product aimed at offering the same high production values of past Resident Evil titles, with beautiful graphics, creepy sounds, and a storyline in perfect Resident Evil style.

Resident Evil Outbreak File #2 will include eight different characters, new scenarios, interaction with non player characters, multiple solutions to problems, two different control schemes (classic Resident Evil and Devil May Cry style control schemes), and the possibility to track player statistics.

Stay tuned on for the latest news about Resident Evil Outbreak File #2.

(Posted: Friday, April 9, 2004, 4:48PM GMT)

- Harry

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