Snake Eater's new gameplay elements.
Kojima talks about three fundamental gameplay elements of Metal Gear Solid 3.

- Hideo Kojima and Konami today gave the world new details about Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater through what was an uncommonly rich press release, which also confirmed that the game will be one of the biggest stars at the next E3 show in Los Angeles, this May.

Kojima outlined today two of the innovative gameplay systems featured in the game: the Camouflage Index and the CQC (Close Quarter Combat system).

Unlike past games of the series, Metal Gear Solid 3 will feature long sections of outdoor action instead than the military and scientific bases of past episodes. Solid Snake - or the man that looks like Snake, according to many Big Boss himself - will have to hide and fight enemy soldiers in a finely recreated thick jungle. The Camouflage Index is represented by a numerical percentage in the top-right corner of the screen. The higher the rating, the more Snake is invisible to the enemy. The Camouflage Index is calculated taking into consideration three factors: posture, costume, and face paint. In fact, Snake will have many camouflage outfits in the game, and the possibility to use face paint to blend perfectly into the background; then, crouching in long grasses, or by lying flat, Snake can become completely invisible to the enemy, thus being able to avoid unwanted battles or take the enemy by surprise. Of course, the jungle will offer many ways to hide. Shadows and lights will play a primary role, but also fallen leaves, tree bark, long grass will be Snake's best allies against the enemy.

Snake Eater Screenshot 1 - Suit: Tiger Stipe - Face Paint: No PaintSnake Eater Screenshot 2 - Suit: Tree Bark - Face Paint: Woodland
Snake Eater Screenshot 3 - Suit: Black - Face Paint: BlackSnake Eater Screenshot 4 - Suit: Snow - Face Paint: No Paint
Camouflage suits and face paint help you turning the difficult environmental situation to your advantage.

Interestingly, this emphasis on camouflage will also lead to more frequent close quarter battles than in the preceding installments; for this reason, Kojima and his staff developed the CQC, the Close Quarter Combat System, a complete novelty for the series. The long-time military advisor for the series, Motosadi Mori, helped the team developing a combat system able to recreate the feeling and the mechanisms of hand-to-hand combat. Snake's posture in relation to the enemy's position will lead to different effects and to different kind of moves. The CQC system can be used to fight lonely guards or also multiple adversaries.

Close combat implies also more complex movements than those seen during long-range battles using guns or rifle. For this reason, the development team recreated all movements, still under the careful supervision of Mori, using advance motion-capture techniques so far never used on video games, but only on movies.

Here at we're all excited about Metal Gear Solid 3. Expect detailed coverage and a big preview in the next days and weeks - stay with us, if you want to eat as much snakes as you can. And who wouldn't?

And don't forget to look through our gallery, with 66 high-quality screenshots available showing Snake in his different camouflage suits and face paints.

(Posted: Wednesday, March 31, 2004, 11:45AM GMT)

- Harry

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