Tetsuya Nomura talks about Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
In an interview with the Official U.S. PlayStation Magazine, Tetsuya Nomura talked about Advent Children and the possibility of a game sequel to Final Fantasy VII.

- The April 2004 issue of the Official PlayStation Magazine reported an interview with Tetsuya Nomura, the designer of Final Fantasy VII, about Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, the movie that will continue the story of the original, legendary PsOne game. Set two years after the events of the game, Advent Children will be released on DVD in Japan - a release date for North America hasn't already been announced by Square Enix.

In the interview, Tetsuya Nomura confirmed that most of the characters that fans loved in the original game will be back in the movie. More interestingly, he stressed the fact that Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children will not be a typical movie, like a theatrical movie, but a "visual work", something that exists as an "extension" to the original game.

Nomura, while hinting at some surprise coming this May at the E3 show, declared that a sequel in game form to Final Fantasy VII is currently not physically possible for Square Enix, also because of the more man power needed to develop a game instead than a movie. This said, he still confirmed that the idea of a sequel in game form is still in his mind, and it's something he will continue to think about.

(Posted: Friday, March 12, 2004, 11:05AM GMT)

- Panuru

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