Eidos announces Hitman: Contracts
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The contract killer we all love will soon be back - with what is described as a dark, epic adventure.

- Eidos Interactive today announced the new installment in the excellent Hitman series. The game, the third adventure of the bald, serious, contract killer Agent 47, is being developed by Io Interactive and will available for Playstation 2, Xbox, and PC in Spring 2004.

The game will feature an increased arsenal of weapons, a new graphics engine that will underline the brutality of Agent 47’s work, an improved control system, and a gentler learning curve.

The game will try to explore the “dark psychology of killing”, announces Eidos Interactive. Janos Flösser, managing director of Io Interactive says: "Hitman Contracts will reveal a new side to Hitman. The game will be epic, highly disturbing, but most importantly an enjoyable experience. The technology we are employing will make it one of the most advanced games on the market."

Mike McGarvey, CEO of Eidos says: "The Hitman series has massive mainstream appeal and is already well established as one of the industry's biggest original intellectual properties. Hitman: Contracts is a sure-fire hit for 2004."

(Posted: Tuesday, December 16, 2003, 12:21PM GMT)

- Harry

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