Square Enix unveils Final Fantasy XII
The new "classic" Final Fantasy XII was unveiled today at Tokyo - we have some hints about the story and the main characters.

- Today, Square Enix finally unveiled the next story-based offline Final Fantasy game, Final Fantasy XII, at the Virgin Cinemas complex in the Roppongi Area in Tokyo.

Ken Kutaragi, the lord of the video game industry that planned the success of the PlayStation, introduced the game to the crowd, showing his own appreciation for what he sees as one of the most innovative franchises in the gaming industry. Then, Sakaguchi himself appeared on the stage, talking about his love and enthusiasm for the work of the producer and director of Final Fantasy XII, Yasumi Matsuno.

Final Fantasy XII will take place in the same world of Final Fantasy Tactics, Ivalice - and will tell the story of another couple of young heroes, Vann and Ashe. Vann, a 17 years old boy, looks like a mixture of leading characters like Zidane, Cloud, and Tidus; Ashe is a beautiful, sexy-dressed 19 years old girl: like Vann, her looks mix the style of the Final Fantasy IXs heroine, Garnet, with Final Fantasy X's Yuna.

Ashe is the princess of the Damaska Kingdom, in which Vann lives. The Arcadia Empire attacked and conquered the Damaska Kingdom, killing Ashe's father, the King. Seeking vengeance against the Empire, Ashe founds a rebel group to fight back. Also Vann lost his family because of the Empire; his only dream, now, is becoming a pirate, with his own ship, and then leave the bloody land in which he's forced to live.

As any Final Fantasy game, with the exception of Final Fantasy X-2, which anyhow can be considered just a minor addition to the series, Final Fantasy XII is an entirely new artistic research, started from an idea, a vision the producer had about 10 years ago - the vision of a fantasy world with a society based on casts, where those who have the power live an existence entirely separate from the life of underprivileged people; in one of the artworks shown today, available in our artworks gallery, humbler people lived in the lowest level of the city, while high in the sky ships were flying.

The graphics engine, as you would expect from Square Enix, is amazing - the character models look more detailed than those of the preceding game, and also the work done on the environments shows a fine research in the colors palette, aimed at giving the game a Mediterranean feel.

We hope to have more on Final Fantasy XII soon - in the meanwhile, take a look at our gallery.

(Posted: Wednesday, November 19, 2003, 4:23PM GMT)

- Harry

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