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New action stealth video game to be released next year in North America.

- Sammy Studios Inc., a developer, publisher and global distributor of interactive entertainment content, has announced that it will publish Spy Fiction, an exciting new action-stealth video game for Sony PlayStation 2, in North America. Spy Fiction is the first title developed by Access Games, a company formed in 2002 when a group of veteran developers came together to create the ultimate original action-stealth game. The title introduces to the genre a number of new features, including advanced espionage gear that lets players become invisible and even assume the identities of others to avoid detection. The game combines stealth with intense action, and also offers action-driven mini-games where players must use equipment such as a rappelling harness or hang-glider to infiltrate enemy areas. Spy Fiction is slated for release exclusively for PlayStation 2 in Spring 2004.

"Spy Fiction introduces a number of exciting features that are destined to make it one of next year's biggest PS2 titles," said John Rowe, president of Sammy Studios, Inc. "The game has superb graphics, a thrilling storyline and game play that draws from the best games in the genre, yet incorporates novel gadgets and new capabilities that will redefine it. It also seamlessly weaves mini-games into its game play, creating controllable sequences for moments that players may be used to seeing as cut-scenes in previous games."

Spy Fiction has a thrilling storyline with twists and turns designed to keep players guessing. The game covers the exploits of an underground espionage agency known as S.E.A. When S.E.A. receives a videotape delivering ominous messages from an international terrorist organization, they dispatch strike team Phantom to infiltrate their hideout. There they uncover a plot more diabolical than anything hinted at on the tape. From there, the Phantom agents embark on a series of missions that take them to diverse places around the globe, from biotechnology labs in the U.S. Northwest to the mountains of Austria. Spy Fiction offers two playable characters with distinct abilities, allowing players to alternate between agents after each mission to utilize their special skills. The game also boasts character design by famed Japanese illustrator Renji Murata, best known for his design work on the popular anime Blue Submarine No. 6.

Among the many compelling game features in Spy Fiction are devices and abilities never-before-seen in the action-stealth genre. In the game, players can assume the identities of others using a device that steals and stores identifying characteristics, such as appearance, voice and retina prints. Spy Fiction is also unique in having action-driven mini-games that let players rappel, hang-glide or parachute for vertical insertion into super-secure enemy areas. The game is loaded with gadgets, combining standard spy tools and strike weapons with super-advanced devices.

(Posted: Tuesday, September 30, 2003, 3:38PM GMT)

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