Activision signs Stan Lee to consult on video games
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Activision today announced that Stan Lee will work as a consultant for the development of video games based on Marvel products.

- Activision today announced that Stan Lee, the legendary has signed an agreement to work as a consultant for the development of future video games based on Marvel characters. Lee will bring his experience to help Activision's development teams in the process of game design, and of course on story and character development.

Stan Lee - born Stanley Lieber - is often seen as the man who invented the modern super hero. In the Sixties (but Lee actually entered the comic book scene in 1939, when he was just seventeen, working as an assistant editor), Lee changed the rules of the genre, actually giving new life to an industry that was literally collapsing. Lee, with the help of the extraordinary artist Jack Kirby, started creating heroes that showed actual human feelings and failings - first arrived the Fantastic Four, followed by The Hulk, The X-Men, Spider Man, and many, many others.

"Can't wait to get started! I've always been the biggest fan of Activision games and am tremendously gratified by their strong commitment to the Super Hero genre in particular," said Lee about the new agreement. "I can't think of any interactive entertainment company with which I'd rather be associated, nor can I imagine any arrangement between two parties which could be a more perfect fit."

Activision and Marvel Enterprises also expanded their current video game licensing agreements. The expanded agreements grant Activision the exclusive rights to develop and publish video game products based on Marvel's comic book franchises Spider-Man, X-MEN, Fantastic Four and Iron Man through 2009.

(Posted: Friday, September 5, 2003, 1:36PM GMT)

- Harry

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