Manhunt gets a new release date
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The game that fans of Grand Theft Auto are expecting has been pushed back. Just a few weeks, don’t worry.

- Manhunt, the game developed by Rockstar North, the same team behind Grand Theft Auto and State Of Emergency, has been pushed back to a mid November release date, instead than the previously announced October release.

In the meanwhile, Rockstar updated the official website of the game with new screens (also available in our gallery) and a strangely eerie movie, that give you a feel of what this interesting, disturbing game will be like.

Creating Manhunt, the artists at Rockstar North drew their inspiration from many sources, in particular from books like Stephen King’s The Running Man and Richard Connel’s The Most Dangerous Game, but also from the too many reality shows we see everyday on TV. In the game, you take the role of James Earl Cash, a man sentenced to death by lethal injection. But Cash apparently doesn’t die after the execution. Instead than going straight to hell, he awakens in a dark, dead city, where hordes of psychopaths are looking for him, with the only purpose of tearing his body into pieces. A man speaks through an earphone jack implanted inside Cash’s skull: he is the Director, the man behind the whole thing, the man able to spy on Cash’s actions through hundreds of cameras placed in every angle of the city, the big brother that moves the whole bloody game. And Cash is the star of the show: if he wants to survive, he must play the Director’s game, stealthily avoiding the gangs roaming the city, but also turning from prey to predator at the right time.

Expect more about Manhunt on

(Posted: Tuesday, September 2, 2003, 5:15PM GMT)

- Harry

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