E3 2003: Metal Gear Solid 3 officially announced
We were all expecting this: Metal Gear Solid 3 was officially announced today, and guess what? It's a Playstation 2 exclusive!

- Today, during its E3 press conference, Konami officially announced Metal Gear Solid 3. The surprising announcement was preceded in the past days by a mysterious trailer spread over the Internet and confusing unofficial announcements.

The new Metal Gear Solid game will be titled Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. The first footage and screenshots of the game reveal our hero, Solid Snake, fighting Rambo-style in the middle of a luxuriant tropical jungle instead than sneaking into the classic indoor environments of the series. Anyhow, while we are all waiting for an announced 12 minutes trailer to be showcased at the Expo, no details were unveiled about the storyline, the gameplay, and the expected release date of the game that could steal, like its predecessor, the attention of the Expo.

What’s sure is that the game will be a Playstation 2 exclusive. This should stop all the surrealistic speculations of the past months concerning a Metal Gear Solid 3 exclusive to the Xbox. The announcement came directly from Geoff Mulligan, Chief Operating Officer of Konami of America, and Andrew House, executive vice president of Sony Computer Entertainment Of America, in an official press release.

"We are delighted to bringing Metal Gear Solid 3 exclusively to the PlayStation 2. This franchise has a huge legacy on the PlayStation console and its third iteration, the advanced PlayStation 2 hardware allows us to deliver another groundbreaking title to fans of the series," said Geoff Mulligan "This title adds to the strength of the outstanding PlayStation 2 lineup and gives us the opportunity to reach the world's largest hardware gaming audience at launch."

"We are pleased that Konami continues to debut new Metal Gear Solid properties exclusively on the PlayStation 2, as the success of this franchise helped propel gaming to new heights on our platform. Considering the enormous installed base of PlayStation 2 worldwide and its continued growth, we are confident that Konami's Metal Gear Solid 3 will the biggest and best game in the series to date." said Andrew House.

Hopefully, we should be able to grab some screenshots of the game soon, and unveil new details after we've seen the trailer.

(Posted: Tuesday, May 13, 2003, 2:46PM GMT)

- Harry

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