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Activision and Raven Software announced today X-Men: Legends for the PlayStation 2. More details inside.

- Activision and Raven Software announced today the X-Men: Legends for the PlayStation 2, Xbox, and Nintendo GameCube. The game gives players and Marvel fans the chance of train their X-men and create their own fighting force to battle many of the most powerful foes in the Marvel Universe. The game should be released in 2004.

"X-Men: Legends is the first game to capture the complete essence of the X-Men by allowing players to control multiple characters that fight together as a team," states Larry Goldberg, executive vice president, Activision Worldwide Studios. "The game will blend the best parts of the movies, comic books in a fantastic new adventure that allows the you to develop your specialized powers as you succeed through your missions."

Many features were unveiled:

  • Penned by Man of Action, a studio of comic industry veterans, X-Men: Legends begins with the rescue of a young mutant and takes players through an engrossing plot that could unite mutant-kind, yet destroy the human race in the process.
  • Players can create their ideal X-Men team from more than 15 popular characters appeared on the X-Men comics throughout the last 40 years, including Wolverine, Cyclops, Storm, Nightcrawler, Colossus, Gambit, and Beast
  • When creating a team, players should take into consideration the powers of their enemies, and choose the best X-Men for the battle. While Cyclops' optic blasts and Colossus' immense strength are great for clearing a path through hordes of enemies, players can opt to bring Wolverine and Nightcrawler along on a stealth intensive mission to help circumvent detection devices.
  • Players can take control of any member of their squad and even execute multi-character combinations such as the famous Wolverine/Colossus Fastball Special.
  • As they progress through the game, characters will gain experience points that players can use to upgrade the X-Men's abilities and even learn new fighting styles.
  • Four-player co-operative mode is also planned, allowing multiple players to partner-up in X-Men: Legends. With dynamic joining, new players can join the adventure at any time, or gamers can take a break and pit their heroes against each other in the X-Men's famed Danger Room.

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(Posted: Tuesday, April 22, 2003, 2:08AM GMT)

- Harry

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