European gamers ask Square Europe full support
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European fans ask Square Europe the same kind of support and quality offered to North American and Japanese players. Sign their online petition.

- It's not a mystery that most of the times European players have to deal with problems unknown to North American and Japanese players. Awfully late release dates, terrible localizations, wonderful games that never saw their release in Europe - European gamers have some reason to feel offended by the lack of support from game publishers and distributors.

"Almost every new console arrives in Europe last, and many games are released in Europe weeks or even months after their US launch. This comes despite the fact that Europe is now the world's second biggest market for computer games, surpassing Japan and still growing fast." wrote John Bye, Editor of, in his "The Third Place" article.

After the bad work done on the PAL version of Final Fantasy X, and enraged by other bad works done in the past by Square Europe (including a dreadful translation work done on a masterpiece like Final Fantasy IX in countries like Italy), Square fans across Europe want to send Square Europe a clear message with a big online petition.

"Conversions have to be done much better (translations, 60hz modes, earlier release dates), PAL-screens have to be bigger, merchandise should get developed and so on. We demand equalization of the EU market towards the USA and Japanese market" said André Mackowiak, the author of the online petition.

You can sign the online petition clicking here.

(Posted: Friday, January 31, 2003, 1:38PM GMT)

- Harry

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