Playstation 2 Network details announced
Sony of America announced in a press teleconference many details concerning the Ps2 network strategy. All the details inside.

- Sony of America announced in a press teleconference many details concerning the Ps2 network strategy.

First of all, the awaited network adapter for Playstation 2 will hit the stores this August for $39.99. The adapter will support a 10/100 Ethernet connection and a 56kV.90 modem connection. The network adapter can be attached into the HDD or directly to the console. The package will also contain a special disc containing documentation, simple online games and game demos, start-up instructions and a program to connect through different popular ISPs like Earthlink, AT&T Worldnet Service, SBC Prodigy, and Sympatico. Even if you are not using one of the most popular Internet Providers, they should all work with the Ps2.

Speaking of AOL, Kaz Hirai, president and chief operating officer, Sony Computer Entertainment America, declared: "We are still continuing to work with AOL. Right now the most important thing that we're focusing on is making sure that we get the connectivity to AOL going on the start-up disc. And that has been our primary focus.”

Kaz Hirai confirmed that not all online games will require the Hard Disk Drive. Players will be able to enjoy many multiplayer experiences with no need to buy this peripheral. Adding to that, no official release date has been announced for the HDD. Anyhow, it’s evident that the use of the HDD will open new possibilities to online gaming. First of all, the use of an HDD will allow players to download mods like additional levels, new weapons, new game modes, patches and much more.

In the future, Sony’s first party games will include online functionalities. Of course, this doesn’t mean the Playstation 2 will become an online-only console.

"We're not interested in becoming an ISP, we're not interested in becoming a closed, gated environment with controlled network guidelines, or an online-only platform," said Kaz Hirai. "And certainly, we're not looking to define the PlayStation 2 brand solely by the online experience."

Sony has also created a fund to offer incentives to the developers that will produce online games for the Playstation 2. It seems that there will be a rich selection of online content available when the network adapter will be released. Players will be able to play most of the online titles with no charges. Anyhow, a monthly fee will be required to play massive multiplayer games like Final Fantasy XI. will keep you updated on the Ps2 Network.

(Posted: Saturday, March 9, 2002, 3:49AM GMT)

- Harry

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