Acclaim to publish Headhunter and Ecco The Dolphin
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Acclaim today announced two extraordinary titles developed by Sega for Sony Playstation 2.

- Acclaim today announced that it has acquired the rights to publish Ecco The Dolphin: Defender Of The Future and Headhunter for the Playstation 2 in North America.

"We’re thrilled to continue our successful relationship with Sega and offer two proven brands that are perfectly suited for the expanding PlayStation2 audience," said Sarah Anderson, Senior Vice President of Brand. "Delivering countless hours of action and entertainment, both titles illustrate our ongoing commitment to publishing compelling next-generation software for the masses."

Ecco The Dolphin
The successful Sega's brand makes its debut on Playstation 2 with a game that was acclaimed has one of the most visually impressive games released on any platform. Ecco The Dolphin was awarded as Best Adventure Game on Sega Dreamcast at E3 2000.

In the game, you take the role of Ecco The Dolphin in his quest to save the world from an evil force that threatens to destroy the planet. The game will offer many features:

  • 34 meticulously detailed underwater worlds, each with unique themes and puzzles
  • Environments adapted from real underwater films and photographic resources
  • Realistic underwater sea life, including friendly turtles and whales, as well as menacing sharks and stinging jellyfish
  • Enhanced control scheme and in-game radar feature, offering a smooth gaming experience
  • Compelling science fiction storyline written by award-winning author, David Brin
  • Masterful soundtrack of ambient, mystical music created by British composer Tim Follin
  • Cutting-edge enemy artificial intelligence keeps gameplay fresh and exciting

The Dreamcast version of this game was an impressive adventure title sharing many elements from Metal Gear Solid and Syphoon Filter, in an interesting mix of stealth, espionage and pure action.

In a next future, bounty hunters rule the streets, in a land where crime is out of control. Human organs have replaced money as currency. Jake Wade, headhunter, awakens from a coma and realizes that all of his life - identity, memories, mind - has been stolen. The only chance for Jack to regain his life is to embark in a quest for his past. Headhunter will include an array of special features:

  • Cutting-edge stealth action, such as slithering against walls, peeking around corners and attacking enemies from behind in total anonymity
  • Play as both ruthless Headhunter Jack Wade and his alluring accomplice, Angela Stern
  • Rip through the streets at speeds of over 200 mph on an ultra-bad bounty hunting motorcycle
  • Various license tests challenge gamers’ Headhunting skills and unlock hidden game features
  • Intense gameplay action in both third- and first-person perspectives
  • Vast arsenal of weapons, including mines, machine guns, missile launchers and more
  • Meticulously detailed environments, ranging from seedy biker hangouts to futuristic laboratories
  • Incredible mixture of storytelling and action, delivered through the use of over one full hour of painstakingly rendered real-time FMVs
  • Cinematic in-game soundtrack composed by Richard Jaques and The London Philharmonic Orchestra

Here at we are excited about these new releases announced by Acclaim. Stay tuned on for screenshots and previews.

Note: Headhunter and Ecco The Dolphin: Defender Of The Future are published in Europe by SCEE.

(Posted: Tuesday, February 19, 2002, 12:56PM GMT)

- Harry

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