Final Fantasy X shipped today
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Square has announced today that Final Fantasy X has started shipping to retailers in U.S.

- Square Electronice Arts, the exclusive publisher of all Squaresoft products in North America, announced today that Final Fantasy X started shipping to retailers nationwide. Consumers can expect to find the game on retail shelves beginning December 20.

It was also announced that Tokyopop will be releasing the Official Soundtrack simulutaneously with the game. A complete guide to the game from BradyGames will be available too to help you uncover all the secrets of Final Fantasy X.

In the meanwhile, you can enjoy our great features on all the characters of Final Fantasy X. This evening, our feature on Yuna will be online.

Thanks to Monica Bouldin for the support

(Posted: Tuesday, December 18, 2001, 10:48AM GMT)

- Harry

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