Sony's console and software shipment - First Quarter

- Sony reported their definitive first quarter (April-June) shipment figures. Please remember, "units shipped" is not equal to "units sold".

Sony has shipped 3.2 million PsOne units. This brings the number of total shipped PsOne units to 85.4 millions. In the same period, Sony has shipped 4.3 million Ps2 units bringing the total number of units shipped worldwide to 14.9 millions. Considering that many big titles (Devil May Cry,Metal Gear Solid 2,Final Fantasy X) are arriving on the console, this number is destined to rise quickly in the next months.

Speaking of software, 18 million PsOne games were shipped bringing the total software shipment to 783 million units. In the same period, 11.5 million Ps2 games were shipped bringing the total PS2 software shipment to 49.8 million. And please consider that these numbers do not include third-party titles!

With such an incredible, unstoppable success, Sony is already a winner in the too much hyped consoles war.

(Posted: Tuesday, July 31, 2001, 1:38PM GMT)

- Harry

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