Ps2 HDD - Release date and price

- Sony Computer Entertainment has announced the official release date for the awaited Playstation 2 Hard Disk Drive. The release date in Japan is July 17th, 2001.

Two different versions of the HDD will hit the shelves on that day in Japan. The first one is an external version for older Ps2 Models (the ones without the Expansion Bay): it will cost 19,000 yen (150$ U.S.). The internal HDD for new Ps2 models (SCPH-30000 and SCPH-35000GT models) will cost 18,000 yen (140$ U.S.).

At present, Sony has revealed only 8 upcoming and released titles that will take advantages of this peripheral. The list will probably become bigger in the next weeks. These are the games:

- A-Train 2001 (released) and Train Kit:
This game will use the HDD to store snapshots and to install
the Train Kit.

All the following games will use the HDD to reduce loading times:
- Atelier Lilie (already released)
- Beatmania II
- Capcom VS SNK 2
- Final Fantasy X
- GitaDora
- Jade Cocoon 2

No words about official release dates for U.S., Europe and Australia.

(Posted: Thursday, July 5, 2001, 2:45PM GMT)

- Regina

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