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- Squaresoft has recently released new informations about the characters and the overdrive system of Final Fantasy X:
Lulu: Lulu is described as the strongest female character in FF series ever. She uses black magic and attacks with a moogle doll. She is a very sexy 22 years old girl. Lulu is one of Yuna's guardians (like Kimahri) and her attitude is very similar to Quistis' one.
Auron: He was the bodyguard of the summoner Braska (Yuna's father), he's 35 and his weapon is a two-handed sword. Auron is not a talkative man.
Seymour: He's the demi-god chief of Guado village. He's also the leader of Ebon religion. Other details are not known yet.
Rikku: She probably is a thief using a dagger as weapon. She's a 16 years old girl, member of the Alvedo tribe. Her ability consists in stealing and using special attack items.
Cid: He's Rikku's father, the bald chief of Alvedo tribe.
Wakka: Not too much has been revealed about this boy, who uses a blitzball as weapon...

Some news have also been spread about Kimahri, Yuna's guardian: he's been Yuna's guardian for ten years (after Braska's death)and he's the younger member of Lonzo family.

About Overdrive:
Overdrive system is the equivalent of Limit Break. Every character has a unique overdrive, which can be reached when characters are damaged by the enemy.
Tidus: "Sword's techique", is very similar to Squall's limit in FFVIII.
Yuna: "Master Summon" which summons an Aeon that can cast his attack.
Kimahri: "Enemie's Attack" which is the corresponding of Blue Magic.
Lulu: "Temptation". A timer will appear and spinning the right analog stick Lulu will cast a spell for each spin of the stick.
Auron: "Secret" is similar to Zell's Duel in FFVIII. The player has to push the right buttons in order to let Auron attack.
Rikku: her overdrive will probably consist in mixing items together to cause different damages and effects.

News will be added when more details are revealed.

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(Posted: Monday, June 25, 2001, 12:07PM GMT)

- Rei

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