Ports And Slots On The PlayStation 2

Two Controller Ports
Exactly like the PlayStation, the PlayStation 2 has only 2 controller ports. So, if you need to play against more than a friend, you need at least a multitap, sold separately. The PS2 has only two ports because Sony tried to reduce manufacturing costs to make the console available at lower retail prices. Considering that only a little part of new games will require more than two controllers, Sony decided to reduce the number of controller ports especially for those gamers that are not interested in multiplayer games. In other words, if you want to play with all your classmates, you need to go and buy also a multitap.

Two Memory Card slots
Every controller port has its memory card slot. The difference between these new ports and the ones in the first PlayStation is in the enhanced data transfer rate (250 times faster) and in the increased capacity of a single Memory Card, from 1MB to 8MB. These ports support Sony proprietary "MagicGate" technology, an encryption security system that should make console hacking more difficult and that will protect sensitive data stored on the Memory Card when playing online.

One AV Multi Cable Output
This port supports video signal, SuperVideo and VGA. It is the port commonly used to connect your PS2 to a TV through a simple AV cable (included in the package); S-Video amd RGB cables are also available, for an excellent quality of the image.

One Optical Digital Output
It is the port that will let you take full advantages of the power of the DTS and Dolby System audio technologies for games and DVDs which support it. You must connect your console to a digital signal receiver in your audio equipment with a cable, not included into the package.

Two USB ports
These ports, destined to become a standard in the PC industry, are used to connect your console to a lot of peripherals not necessarily designed for the PS2: new multitaps; Hard Disks and storage devices; scanners and cameras which may allow you to paste your face over a character model; mouse, joystick, USB controllers; keyboards useful for Internet or other applications; musical keyboards.

I.Link (IEEE1394 connection).
Mac owners call this port FireWire. You could plug here not only modems or Hard Disks but also digital video cameras or similar stuff. Through this port, you can link several PlayStation 2 together in order to play multiplayer games. With a transfer data rate of 400 Mb/s the possibilities of this port are unlimited.

Expansion Bay.
This big slot is not present in the first Japanese consoles. The Expansion Bay is used to install an internal Hard Disk and the Network Adaptor. Through these peripherals, your console will be ready for the next generation of videogaming: online games. The HDD can be used to store expansions to games you have bought, but also to save music CDs, images, and much more. Through the Network Adaptor, you can connect to the Internet using your favorite Internet Service Provider.

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