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Sony PlayStation 2 Multitap

This Multitap designed for the Ps2 will allow you to plug more than just 2 controllers into your console. This peripheral is necessary if you are planning to play games with all your old classmates or with your grandparents.

This new Multitap looks a lot like a miniaturized Ps2. So if you really can't bear the separation from your lovely console while you are at work or at school, you can always take this peripheral with you and use it as a paperweight. And we have to admit that this cool looking thing is so solid that it would work well for this use too. Jokes aside, this is a well built, well designed device for your console, even if a bit too expensive (35$ in U.S.).

The Multitap has four controller ports and four memory cards; what is new in this new multitap respect to older Ps1 versions is the possibility to plug it not only to controller ports but to memory card slots, too. This is done using a simple extension.

This device is connected to the console through a cord that is a bit too short, as reported by tons of users.With its three inches, this cord will simply make it impossible for you to put the multitap next to your console. Anyhow, it is a minor flaw on an undoubtedly cool and solid peripheral for your Ps2.

Price: 34.99$ (U.S.)

Ps2Fantasy.com score: 8/10
Excellent quality combined with a very stylish look, but the price is a bit too high.

- Carlito

(December 2000)

The new multitap.

Many games will have a multiplayer mode, often using the split screen technique.


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