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LASR Accessories GamePak

Ever had a friend invite you to his house, but you don't want to go because there is never anything to do over there? Well now you can make it a better evening. The people at LASR accessories have created something special for you big gamers out there. It is called the "GamePak" and it is "custom designed to store your gaming console and accessories." The great thing about this is that these great gamepaks are specifically designed for each of your consoles.

Now although we only received the PS2 version of the GamePak, I can tell you I was immediately impressed right out of the box. The look is stylish, the setup is well organized and there are holes in all the right places.

Some of the features include a bottom zippered compartment that allows you to easily connect the system to a TV without taking the system out of the bag, as well as plenty of front storage for magazines, instruction manuals or any personal books you may have containing scores, tips or codes you found on the internet. Also included are rubberized corner padding to give more protection to the console. Not only is there room for 8 cd/dvds but also a special place for 2 memory cards. Also included is a special netted area that holds your controls in places and stops from the wires getting tangled.

The best way to describe this bag is to say it looks and feels like a backpack. Something you would use as a student in school to carry your books in. You could be walking down the street with your PS2 on your back and nobody would know, unless they recognize the logo on the backpack. I like this feature very much. Nothing shouts out rob me like a big logo saying "PS2 inside". They do a great job keeping the GamePak looking like you are carrying your homework.

My main concern for the system is ventilation. Now they claim to have maximum ventilation while securing the gaming console in place and there is no overheating. There is a large area for ventilation, but after playing a few hours I'm pretty sure I noticed a difference in heat. It's not a major issue with me, it just makes me turn my PlayStation off when I am done with it.

The bag is constructed with high quality material; it truly seems strong and I have no fear of the Ps2 falling out of it. There is no concern for faulty workmanship, but the information I received stated that there is a Lifetime warranty against defects; so if you find a flaw, they will fix it right up for you.

I found that while carrying the system I felt very comfortable and the weight of the system was not really noticeable. This could be from the tunne of books I carry to university, but it still feels great. They tell me that the final version of the gamepak will contain a PE board running from the bottom of the bag to the top for added rigidity and better protection for the system. It will also absorb more of the weight of the system and accessories when the system is placed on the floor. This is a huge added bonus.

The gamepak and the complete list of details on each consoles specific information can be found at www.lasraccessories.com. If you want to find out Ps2 specific information visit LASR Accessories website. The final versions of these wonderful gamepaks will be available in mid 2003, or you can purchase them at the website.

Price: 34.99$ (U.S.)

Ps2Fantasy.com score: 9/10

- Jjmoohead

(May 4th, 2003)

The GamePak, closed, looks like a "classic" backpack.

The opened GamePak!


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