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Sony Memory Card 8MB

This is surely one of the most important hardware devices for your console. Without this little accessory you wouldn't be able to save any of your games. Unfortunately the memory card is not included into the Ps2 package. The price is high as usual for Sony's original memory cards; 35$ are not a trifle for an absolutely necessary device. While PsOne Memory cards are compatible with the PlayStation 2, they can't be used to save data of PlayStation 2 games, but only of PsOne games, and viceversa.

The PlayStation 2 memory cards have superior data storage (8MB); besides, they have a data transfer 250 times faster than older Memory cards. But what is really new in this cards is the so called MagicGate. This is an authentication and encryption security system designed to give troubles to the ones who are using copied games: the MagicGate should simply not allow you to save your data if you are using a non-original game. The MagicGate will become useful when you'll start playing online with your console: in fact it will protect your personal information.

Price: 34.99$ (U.S.)

Ps2Fantasy.com score: 7/10
The quality is surely excellent but the price is too high for a device that is necessary. Not everyone has 34$ under his pillow. Especially after you've spent 299$ for a console. Too bad for my piggy moneybox.

- Carlito

(December 2000)

Sony new Official Memory Card has a storage capacity of 8 MB.


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