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Sony Dual Shock 2

The old Dual Shock controller, with its great control, its comfortable buttons and its vibrating function was a fantastic piece of hardware. You could spend a lot of money buying a cool looking controller but you would never get the quality of Sony's original stuff. And this new DualShock seems nice like its older brother - but it's actually more "powerful".

Yeah, more "powerful". In fact not only the color is different from the original Dual Shock (the Dual Shock 2 comes in a stylish black color); the new controllers' buttons are all completely analog. So when you'll try to do certain actions with your characters or with your cars in a game, these actions will be different according to your pressure over the buttons. The analog sticks now have 255 (!!)degrees of sensitivity and the Dual Shock's vibrating action is truly more effective . Your arms will be shaken when you'll receive a bite from those filthy Resident Evil's zombies.

Unlike other critics, we are happy that Sony decided to leave their controller like it was in its older version, just with minor improvements necessary for this generation of consoles. Because the Dual Shock is not that awful Nintendo 64 controller or that Dreamcast's boring thing. This controller has everything: quality, comfort and, first of all, it's exciting. You like Ridge Racer like games? This controller will be perfect. You like Tekken Tag like games? This controller will be perfect. You like Resident Evil like games? This controller is a must-have.
Just in case you didn't understand, we love it.

Price: 34.99$ (U.S.)

Ps2Fantasy.com score: 10/10
You'll never find something better.

- Carlito

(December 2000)

The best controller ever realized for a console is back...

... and it's cooler than ever.


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