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Sony Cables

Sony RFU Adapter

If your Tv is very old and doesn't have other ports, then you'll need this one to plug your console through the RFU input socket. This adapter is not included into the package of the console; you'll need to buy it separetely. With this cable the quality of the image is poor, far away from doing justice to the greatness of the Ps2. Playing DVDs with this cable is decisely disappointing.

Price: 19.99$ (U.S.)

Stereo AV Cable

Also known as Composite video cable, this is the cable you find into the console box. This cable use three jacks (white,red,yellow) to send audio and video signals. The white and the red jacks are used to send the stereo audio signal. The yellow jack is used to send the video signal: the three different video signals (red, green, blue signals) are mixed together in a single signal. For this reason this cable is not the best way to fully enjoy the graphics of your console. The images will look a bit blurry on big TVs and the colors lose something in brightness. Anyhow, this is what can be considered the "good-for-all" cable. For this reason is the one included in the box.

Price: 14.99$ (U.S.)

Component AV Cable

This is the best cable you could ever want for a gaming console. Instead of mixing all the video signals in one, it uses three separate connections for a bright, crystal clear image. If your tv has Y (luminance), Cb/Pb and Cr/Pr (chrominance) inputs this is the cable to buy. DVDs movies and games will look absolutely perfect.

Price: 19.99$ (U.S.)

S-video Cable

This is another high quality cable; you can use it to connect your Ps2 to your TV using a Super video input socket. Not all televisions include this port but this kind of connection will grant you an excellent quality of colors and a flawless image definition. This cable separate the chrominance signal, used for colors, from the luminance signal, the one related to the brightness of the image. In this way the image should be nearly flawless.

Price: 29.99$ (U.S.)

- Carlito

(December 2000)

The RFU Adapter


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