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Hardware & FAQs


PlayStation 2
A complete FAQ about Sony Computer Entertainment's second video game console.

PSP - PlayStation Portable
Full list of specs of the new PSP, the PlayStation Portable console - the first handheld system created by Sony.

Dual Shock 2
The greatest controller ever realized is back. Full-analog, in a wonderful black color, this is probably the best you could ever want for your PS2.

Sony 8MB Memory Card
Much faster than the older PsOne's Memory Cards, not included in the console box, this is a must buy for all owners of a PS2.

Sony cables
RF Cable, DVD component input cable, S-video cable. Different prices, different quality. Many cables to "see" the true power of your PS2.

Vertical Stand
This item, sold separately, is needed to put your PS2 in vertical position.

Horizontal Stand
This item, sold separately, is not a must buy for your PW2. Anyhow, if you want your console to look cooler, you can take a look.

Sony Ps2 Multitap
Needed to play those wonderful, exciting multiplayer games with your friends. And hey, it looks cool, too!

LASR Accesories Gamepak
From LASR accesories, a fine, well built bag that lets you bring your PlayStation 2 everywhere, anytime!

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