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Readers' Reviews - author: David Doel
What has zombies, mutants, robots, humans, and little guy with a fish bowl as a head? Why TimeSplitters of course! TimeSplitters is one of the fastest videogames made for any system, running at a smooth 60fps, and for me and most people one of the most fun. TimeSplitters is a First Person Shooter (FPS), and a dam good one at that. The TimeSplitters as they call them are an evil race dwelling outside of time and space. Roused from an ancient sleep, they cross the threshold from their shadowy dimension, ripping through the fabric of time itself to make humanity history. Quite a story eh? No. The story is actually the worst part of the game, well the story mode is.
Gameplay : 9.0

The story mode allows you to play as different characters in different locations spanning a century from 1935-2035. As you complete each mission further missions will open up to you until the game is complete. Story mode can be 1-2 player with the 2-player co-operative mode adding a new dimension to the gaming experience. The story mode is not like Goldeneye or Perfect Dark where you complete different objectives; instead you must pick-up an object found in the level, and bring it to a marked point without being killed. For example, in the first level called Tomb, you must find the object which in this case is an Egyptian Symbol, and bring it to a red circle which is found on the ground on the other side of the level.

The Arcade Mode is the heart of the game. This mode offers a wide variety and depth of games and options. You can play up to 4-players, either co-operative or head-to-head. You can choose from over 55 unique playable characters, in 18 massive levels. The different types of matches are:

Kill as many combatants as possible and try to avoid being killed. The person or team with the most number of kills at the end of the game wins.

Bag Tag
The game begins with a bag placed at a random location on the map. You pick up the bag by running over it; it will stay in your possession until you are killed. The player or team who has been in possession of the bag for the longest total time when the game ends is the winner.

Capture The Bag
Each team has a bag, and a base that appears as a circle on the floor in their team color. The objective in this game is to infiltrate the other teams base and steal their bag, then bring it back to your base without being killed. If you are shot you will drop the bag. The player or team who has captured the bag the most wins at the end of the game.

The aim here is to collect an object from a certain location in the map and return with it back to the start point. The person or team who has collected the most objects by the time the game ends is the winner.

The object of this game is to ensure the safety of a bot as he travels through hostile territory. You must repel all enemies and prevent the bot from taking too much damage.

Last Stand
Your objective here is to stay alive for as long as possible whilst protecting bases from hostile attacks and all the time against increasingly difficult odds. The player or team who survives the longest is the winner.

The Challenge Mode offers a number of quick challenges against pre-selected enemies, locations and weapons. If you want a quick and interesting blastfest then Challenge mode is what you looking for. But, you must first unlock this mode by completing all levels in story mode on easy.

Now, you might have been hearing a lot of bad things concerning the controls, but don't worry the controls are customizable. The default controls are pretty hard to get used to, so I just customized them to be like Goldeneye's. So the left analog stick controls the movement up/down and the movement left/right, while the right analog stick controls looking up/down and strafing left/right. But in the default controls strafing left/right were given to the left analog stick, which screwed everything up, making it much harder to control.

Graphics : 9.0

The graphics in this game are great. They are not as good as some games like SSX or Madden, but almost as good. As for the framerate? Well lets just say that this game runs at 60fps even with 4 players and all bots on(which is 10 bots), meaning 14 players all together! That's incredible!

Sound : 9.5

The sound is just as great. With a separate sound bite for each gun, and amazing sound effects, making you think that your actually in a real gun fight. When you choose your character, he she or it has a little animation so to speak, along with their saying. For example, when you choose Gretele(the robot on the TimeSplitters box), she presses a button on her wriest while saying "Mission data now online", in a woman robot type of voice. Very cool.

Overall Score ( not an average ) : 9.0

All in all I love this game, and every aspect of it is great. I defiantly recommend you pick this one up if you haven't done so already.

Replay Value
Overall Score

Free Radical Design
Eidos Interactive
Dual Shock 2
8MB Memory Card
Release Date
North America
October 23rd, 2000
November 24th, 2000

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