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Graphics : 8.5

The Graphics of this PS2 version of the game are brighter, more defined, more amusing, in a word better than the ones seen in the PC version of the game. I've played the game with my Pentium III 800Mhz and 32 MB of VRAM, but Ps2 version is far and away the best . PS2 gives this game a particular athmosphere extraneous to the PC version.
The screens are always full of details and the chracters of the game are fantastic, each with his own minaturized shadow; attractions' animations are so cool that you can spend a lot of time looking at them and still feel amused.
And notice that after a loading time a bit too long at the beginning of the game (40 seconds), your console will not disturb you anymore. Move your stick and your visual will change smoothly; press your button and suddenly everything will change in the screen. The first person mode, in which you visit your park is one of the reasons to buy this game. After you've tried your own rollercoaster you may feel a bit sick especially if you are playing with a big TV screen. And remember that the Dual Shock vibrating functions will make your rides even more realistic. Even if Bullfrog didn't push Ps2 hardware to its limits the graphics of this game are excellent. For a moment you'll feel the emotion of your first visit to Disneyland. I'd like to see other games able to recreate an atmosphere like Theme Park Roller Coaster does.

Sound : 9.0

Each of the 8 parks in the game has its own nice theme music; I like the ghostly, silly music in Halloween World Park. The voice of the black puppet (it's an esclamation point) which helps you in the game has a nice acting and is always crystal clear. But a really great job was done recreating all the sounds of a real theme park. Each attraction, each ride has its own sound effects; you'll hear your guests' screams and their shouts. The quality of these effects is great, too. Like Graphics, Sounds in this game are used to create the atmosphere of a great amusement park. And, hey girls and boys, it works!

This game is unbelievably entertaining and addictive. You have to manage your park, you can visit it and take a look at those nice characters; you have to choose the right place for bathrooms and fast foods and all this is really addictive. In Theme Park Roller Coaster you always want to see more attractions and more parks and you'll project and test your roller coasters for hours.You put this cd into your console, turn it on and..... an entire afternoon will pass. But what is so good in this game is that it is so smart and well designed that you'll not feel stupid playing it for days and days. The truth is that Theme Park Roller Coaster is worth twice its price. You'll play this game for a long,long time.

Overall Score ( not an average ) : 9.0

Theme Park Roller Coaster for Ps2 is a fantastic game. For me it's just like a drug. If you have a Ps2 and you have the money for a new game, if you want something different from the usual games for console, then buy this wonderful title.

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- Carlito (25 Oct, 2001)

Replay Value
Overall Score

Electronic Arts
Dual Shock 2
8MB Memory Card
Release Date
North America
December 4th, 2000
December 28th, 2000
December 8th, 2000

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