The Getaway 2: Black Monday  
Team Soho's new game looks criminally intriguing.

CarlitoThe Getaway is surely one of the best first party titles available for Playstation 2. The game entered the realm of Grand Theft Auto using a completely different approach to the genre. Gameplay-wise, The Getaway wasn't as fun as Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, but it was surely a superior game in terms of mature storytelling in a video game. Compared to the clichéd world of Vice City, the London of Team Soho was like a devastated, desolate land.

One of the big games shown at Sony's booth at the E3 is the sequel to The Getaway, titled The Getaway: Black Monday. The game, obviously a Playstation 2 exclusive, seems to take all the good things of the previous installment to include them within a freer and more refined structure.

Back to London...
(Spoilers ahead for those who didn't play The Getaway).

The setting is once again London, the time is two years after the death of Charlie Jolson, London's most famous crime boss and main antagonist in the original The Getaway. The Getaway: Black Monday narrates a single story seen through the eyes of three different characters, Eddie O'Connor, amateur boxer, Mitch, and Sam. The stories of these three men will intertwine, generating a chain of events that will culminate in a final showdown with London's new crime boss.

The game will feature different endings, so the decisions and actions of the players will have direct influence on the storyline of the game. This could mean longer replay value and more freedom given to the player throughout the adventure.

The Getaway Black Monday Image 1 The Getaway Black Monday Image 2
Back to the streets of London.
London is not famous for its sunny days.

Sony underlines that Team Soho is working hard to make of The Getaway: Black Monday a truly "cinematic" game experience. They have perfected the motion capture techniques used in the previous installment in order to give a more realistic feel to the movements of their character models, that can now show also a more varied range of facial expressions. This is all necessary to bring to life the script written for the game, that promises to be as mature and dramatic as the one of the original game.

Like the preceding installment, true actors were hired to star in the roles of The Getaway: Black Monday's characters. 20 professional actors acted out the scenes for the game while their movements were recorded by the game developers, and then transferred into the digital cinematic cut-scenes that will be interspersed throughout the game.

A more refined game
The Getaway: Black Monday will be divided in 22 missions, all taking place in the digital London created by Team Soho. Overall, the game includes more than 25 square miles of London, with 17 new locations created just for this sequel. One of our biggest complaints about the original The Getaway was that many elements and places that are synonymous of London weren't included in the game, so we are happy to know that portions of the "Underground" subway and of the Thames River have been added for this sequel.

Another issue in the preceding game was the lack of precise controls for the on foot sections. Controls have been reworked for Black Monday, with new moves available during combat and a more varied arsenal ranging from machine guns to melee weapons should offer players the possibility to complete each mission with their preferred style.

The Getaway Black Monday Image 3 The Getaway Black Monday Image 4
Motorcycles and new weapons will be available in the game.
With better controls, the indoor sections should be more enjoyable.

Racing through the streets of London was an exhilarating experience in The Getaway, and things get only better in the sequel. Black Monday features more vehicles than its predecessor, including real life licensed cars, vans, London's classic black cabs and Double-Deckers, and also motorcycles.

The Getaway: Black Monday promises to be better than the first game - we'll be sure to keep you updated about Team Soho's new hot creation.

- Carlito (May 12th, 2004)