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Stunt Gp  
A cool little racing game from Team 17

HarryStunt Gp is one of those games that you won’t probably notice on the shelves in these holidays. With titles like Metal Gear Solid 2, Silent Hill 2, Devil May Cry and the upcoming Final Fantasy X available for your holidays’ fun, this is surely the most expensive moment of the year for the owners of a Ps2. Anyhow, this title developed by Team 17 and published by Titus is worth a look.

Gameplay : 8.0

In Stunt Gp you take the control of little, nicely designed Radio Controlled cars, through more than twenty tracks. Cars and tracks are both divided into three different categories - Aeroblasters, Speed Demons and Wild Wheels. Aeroblasters are those tracks that need a mix of stunts, power and speed, Wild Wheels are dirty and muddy tracks and Speed Demons are concentrated on speed and power. In the same way, Aeroblasters are equilibrated cars, Wild Wheels are usually 4WD models and Speed Demons are fast and tough to handle vehicles.

If you have ever had a RC car, you should know that these toys eat an unbelievable quantity of battery power. The same happens in the game. Each car has a limited amount of energy and you have to recharge at the Charging Lane. The particularity of the vehicles in Stunt Gp is that they can perform tricks and stunts, a bit like in snowboarding or skateboarding games. You can also perform chains of tricks and obtain higher scores.

Stunt Gp features five different Single Player modes and two funny Multiplayer modes. For a classic arcade game, where you put in a three-letters name and start to race, choose the Arcade Mode. In the Exhibition mode you can configure many aspect of a race like number of laps, number of CPU cars and so on, while Time Trial is the classic race against the clock. Stunt Challenge Mode is the most original in the game. Basically, you have to perform stunts into a Stunt Arena within a certain time limit. If you are good enough to impress the judges, you’ll get high scores.

Anyhow, a Championship mode assure the player a more challenging experience. Here you can choose a manufacturer, modify or change your vehicle through a Championship season. A sign of the good work done by the developers is that if you want to win a championship, you actually have to modify your car following certain criteria.

The Multiplayer modes are the classical Quick Race, where the game will select a random track and a random vehicle for each player. You can run more than a race and the results will be stored as long as you keep on playing in this mode. The Tournament mode let you choose a vehicle and a track, just like in the Single Player Exhibition mode.

There are just a thing that could have been improved in the gameplay of Stunt Gp. The stunts system is way too simple for a game with the word “Stunt” in the title. There are about 30 tricks but they are quite repetitive.

Overall, the gameplay is good. Stunt Gp is simply an amusing racing game.

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Team 17
Titus Software
Dual Shock 2
8MB Memory Card
Release Date
North America
November 31st, 2001
April 11th, 2002
December 7th, 2001

The graphics are full of colors

Cool RC cars

Stunts are fundamental to complete the game
More screenshots of Stunt Gp

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