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Street Fighter EX3  
A new Street Fighter! Well, to tell the truth it's not so new...

CarlitoBefore the release of the first three-dimensional fighting games, Street Fighter was synonymous of fighting game. Ken, Ryu, Chun Li, Zangeif and Blanka are all names that an enthusiast of the genre simply can't forget. The strong characterization of the fighters, the magnificent colors and the details of the backgrounds have given Street Fighter a well deserved success.
Thanks to the popularity of the original arcade game, during the years a lot of versions of the game have been realized for all the most important consoles. Many years ago, Capcom has reached an agreement with a Japanese software house, the Arika, to develop three-dimensional versions of Street Fighter. That's how the Street fighter Ex series was born. The first two instalments have had a reasonable success on PsOne, while the third chapter is now on sale for Ps2. Released together with two giants, Tekken Tag Tournament and Dead Or Alive 2: Hardcore, Street Fighter Ex3 is a sort of a white gnat among two gigantic black monsters.

Gameplay : 7.0

For what concerns the number of playable characters, Street Fighter Ex3 overcomes abundantly Dead Or Alive 2: Hardcore. The very first time you play the game you are able to choose among 16 different playable characters; there are other 10 hidden characters that you can free beating the game, for a total of 26 different fighters in comparison to the 14 featured in Dead Or Alive 2. Even though these characters don't reach the graphic quality of those in Dead Or Alive 2, they are indeed nice looking, detailed polygonal models. However these characters represent the only three dimensional element of Street Fighter Ex3. In fact the structure of the battles is completely bidimensional. The backgrounds are flat, and the fighters can only move towards the opponent, always on the same plane. There are no sidesteps in this game and you can't move in and out of the background. If you have played other classical fighting games like, for instance, Mortal Kombat you can easily understand the difference with fully 3d games like Tekken.
Probably the developers wanted to stay loyal to Street Fighter's tradition in order to preserve the perfect controls of the series. Nevertheless, Arika's stubbornness in keeping this bidimensional structure makes this game not very exciting for younger players used to the depth of Tekken and who don't know nothing about Guille's Sonic Boom or Blanka's Electric Thunder.

There are many gameplay modes in this game. In the Original Mode you will have to defeat in succession all the other fighters. If you want, you can ask the enemy you've defeated to join your team. If you accept him, in the next battles you'll be able to choose one of your team's characters to fight your opponent. A Tag Mode has been included too. Together with another fighter you will face an adversary team. Pressing R2 and L2 buttons you can switch from one character to another. Among the other modes, there is an amusing Character Edit Mode in which you can use an inexperienced fighter called Ace that proceeding in the battles will learn new moves.
Overall the gameplay of Street Fighter Ex3 is fairly good. The game is amusing, and unless you are a 3d fanatic, you won't be disappointed.

Page 2: Graphics, Sound, Replay Value, and Overall Opinion

Replay Value
Overall Score

Dual Shock 2
8MB Memory Card
Release Date
North America
October 24th, 2000
March 4th, 2000
March 2nd, 2001

Special effects are quite good in this game.

A close-up during a special move.

Sharon vs Chun-li.
More screenshots of Street Fighter EX3

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