Star Wars: Starfighter Cheats

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Enter the following passcode: MINIME

Digital Director

Enter the following passcode: DIRECTOR

Reverse Plot Controls

Enter the following passwcode: JARJAR

Unlock Gallery

Enter the following passwcode: SHIPS

Artwork Gallery

Enter the following passwcode: PLANETS

Unlock Hidden Christmast FMV

Enter the following passwcode: WOZ

Credits and Development Team

To view credits, enter the following passcode: CREDITS
To view the development team, enter the following passcode: TEAM

Bonus Missions

Charm's Way Get a Bronze Medal in these missions:
Royal Escort, Contract Infraction, Piracy Above Lok, Taking the Offensive, The New Resistance, The Final Assault
Canyon Sprint Get a Silver medal in these missions:
Naboo Proving Grounds, Royal Escort, Taking The Offensive, Midnight Munitions Run, Rescue On The Solleu, Final Assault.
Outpost Attack Get a Bronze medal in all 14 regular missions.
Space Sweep Get a Silver medal in all 14 regular missions.

Unlock All Cheats including secret 2 players mode

Wnter following code as spelled:


Submitted by: Cameron