Star Wars: Super Bombad Racing  
Star Wars heroes with gigantic heads? Hurray!

CarlitoSince when Mario Kart by Nintendo was released, and following the success of this extraordinary title, a whole subcategory of racing games dedicated to the world of karts was created. And from the Nintendo game, all these games, in a way or in another, derive the sense of humor and the possibility to lead a competition without rules, beating up and tricking adversaries in every way. Also LucasArts has decided to give this genre a try, obviously with another title inspired by the Star Wars saga.

Knowing the average quality of the products dedicated to the magnificent George Lucasí series, there are not big hopes. In fact, excluding only some titles for PC (Rebel Assault, Dark Forces, Tie Fighters) and Starwars: Starfighter on PS2, LucasArts developers don't seem to succeed in recreating the emotions of the movie in a videogame.

Withouth sinking down in the pessimism, letís talk about this title for PC, Mac, Ps2 and Dreamcast which is going to be released in the first months of 2001 in the United States and in Europe.

In Star Wars - Super Bombad Racing youíll be able to personify one among the eight characters of the famous series included in the game: as for example Darth Maul, Anakin Skywalker, Jarjar Binks and obviously my favorite one, Yoda. I dunno why I have always desired to be a green dwarf with long and hairy ears that makes enormous spaceships fluctuate with the only strength of his mind. According to the selected character, you will have a different kart to drive, and for winning the competition you can also use, besides the specific abilities of each of character, one of the 25 weapons shed here and there during the race.

The gameís graphics is typical of the genre: characters in cartoon style with very little bodies and gigantic heads. The environments are obviously inspired by the cinema series. You can mock this way your adversaries in the middle of the desert of Tatooine or in a fanciful track in Cloud City. The tracks are nine in all, excluding those that are hidden at the beginning, and it seems that some arenas for bloody clashes against your enemy will also be included.

Jumping on Darth Maulís head with my kart will be an experience that I won't easily forgetÖ

Besides the standard mode that will allow you to compete against all the other characters, the game will surely include a multiplayer mode for 4 players, for amusing competitions between Star Wars fanatics or not (but who is not?). Various secret modes and hidden characters, that you'll unlock beating the game, won't obviously miss. We hope that LucasArts doesn't make economy on these hidden secrets, that most of all, together with the multiplayers mode, are the only way to lengthen the replay value of a game of this genre. It would be fantastic seeing gathered on the same track Luke and Anakin, in a deadly clash between akins. Oh yeah!

- Carlito (October 24th, 2001)